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As you may know I do freelance review/article work, most often for Sound On Sound. I have also written the User Guide to the Sequentix P3 Sequencer and will happily entertain commissions to do other stuff too. Drop me a line via the "Contact" link if you need something tackling.

I've also programmed sounds for Roland, Access, Waldorf, Dave Smith Instruments etc. so if you need some quirky sounds, I could be your man.

In addition, I beta test instruments and software for a variety of companies - if you need someone to test the results of your labours to breaking point and beyond, again, get in touch.

Oh, I just found the JIC's Oblique Strategies.

Softroom Free MIDI Data

Links to some (rather old) SOS articles...

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Some reviews in their original, unedited form will appear here when I get round to it. Here are some to start with (raw text form):

Sherman Filterbank 2 Filterbank 2 review

Novation Nova OS4 Nova OS4 review